Here you can learn more about the major characters featured in Aprils life. We'll start with her family:

April Matthews

Birthday: 13th April - Aries
Loves: Pancakes, RnB music and the colour red.
Traits: Friendly, Loves the outdoors, Neat.

Jason Matthews

Birthday: 12th July - Cancer
Loves: Cabonara, the colour green and soul music.
Traits: Rebellious, Loves the outdoors, Gatherer, Hot-headed, Workaholic.
Jason is April's father.

Annabelle Matthews

Birthday: 5th March - Pisces
Loves: Ratatouille, latin music and the colour grey.
Traits: Loves the outdoors, Neat, Loves the cold, Clumsy, Easily impressed.
Annabelle is April's mother.

Lynn Matthews

Birthday: 24th September - Libra
Loves: Key lime pie, country music and the colour blue.
Traits: Excitable, Good sense of humour, Supernatural fan, Ambitious, Artistic.
Lynn is April's aunt, Jason's sister.

Amelia Matthews

 Birthday: 22nd December - Capricorn
Loves: Cookies, dark wave music and the colour black.
Traits: Genius, Social butterfly, Virtuoso, Natural born performer.
Amelia is April's cousin, Lynn's daughter.

Emily Matthews

Birthday: 4th June - Gemini
Loves: Salmon, soul music and the colour purple.
Traits: Friendly, Cat person, Adventurous.
Emily is April's cousin, Lynn's daughter.
She and Amelia are half-sisters. 

Charlotte 'Lottie' Harris

Birthday: 1st May - Taurus
Loves: Cheesesteak, pop music and the colour red.
Traits: Bookworm, Computer whiz, Loves the heat.
Charlotte is Aprils best friend.

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