6 Feb 2013

Coming soon...

Just in case you stumble across this while I'm still setting up.

I am writing a story (been planning it since November!), and this is where it will be. I should hopefully have the first chapter up in the next few weeks. I started making sims for it today, it took me ages, so I'm going to start setting up the character page now.


Ok, I'll do a little intro too.
The story is the diary of a girl called April Matthews (you can tell that much from the blog as is). I've written a few chapters already, and I know where I'm going... It's just getting to that point that is the hard part...

The story starts off when she is a child, and should (hopefully) be running throughout her childhood, teen years and into adulthood. I'm not sure how adult the themes are going to be, but I'm not planning her life to be all sunshine and roses, so I've put the adult warning on so I don't harm any children.

Feel free to check out the characters I've put up so far, although I'm not done writing bios yet, so there is just pretty pictures.

Edit: I feel I need to add, that because I'm starting off from a child perspective the grammar won't be perfect. I'll be writing as she writes, so there'll be a lot of "Me and so and so did this and then so and so did that."
They'll also start off pretty short. I'm sure if you ever kept a diary as a child, you didn't spend hours writing essays in it, but as you get older you have more to write about and so the entries will get longer.

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