28 May 2013

Saturday, July 22nd

Authors note: Sorry guys, maybe I died or something, I dunno, but I've had this written since before I posted the last chapter (all those months ago...), I just got a bit wrapped up in my legacy to go shoot for this. Sorry!


I've spent almost every day the past two weeks with Justin. He's loads of fun, and he's really helped take my mind off my parents. It helps that he's been through it all too, I think.
Daddy, I mean Dad (hehe), came by to get more clothes a few times, but he still hasn't got all his stuff. He's sleeping at his sisters (aunt Lynn, across the street), and Emily says he hasn't looked at any houses, but he applied for a new job the other day! I thought he liked working on the farm. I know he moans about it, but that's what adults do! They moan about stuff even though they like it.

Justin met Lottie for the first time yesterday, we hung out at the park for a bit, Lottie was telling us all about her holiday. She said it rained most days, and me and Justin laughed at that because it's been boiling here! She invited me to spend the night, and she asked if Justin could as well, but her Mum said she wasn't allowed boys to sleep over 'at our age'. I said I'd ask my Mum, she's letting me get away with anything at the moment, but Justin said his Mum probably wouldn't let him stop out anyway.

Justin walked us to my house so we could pick up some things, and then walked us both to Lotties house too! It's at the top of a really steep hill, so we told him he didn't need to, and he said "You can never be too careful."? How weird is that? I remember about two years ago, someone stole an apple from the market, and it was the talk of the town for months. What were we being careful of? I suppose Justin has always lived in a city, and so being careful is something he's used to. We had the 'stranger danger' talk in school, and my parents have told me not to talk to strangers, but there are no strangers in Winchester. There's about 100 people, most of them are young people still at school. I know everyone at school, and you can work out who's each persons parents because there isn't a lot of choice. I guess it was sweet of him to worry, though.

And then something weird happened when we got to Lottie's, Justin asked if he could talk to me alone a minute, so Lottie took our stuff inside. He stared after her, making sure she'd gone all the way in before he turned back to me.
"I've got you a present." He was grinning his usual 'I'm planning something' grin, and I couldn't help but shoot a worried smile back.
"What is it?" I asked, imagining that he'd picked up a slug or something disgusting like that on the walk up there.

 He pulled a gift-wrapped box from behind his back. He actually planned this, and didn't just pick something off the floor? "What is it?" I repeated, excited this time.
"Well, if you open it you'll know." I hesitated. "Go on! Open it!" He pushed, and so I did.
"A phone?!" I was shocked. He got me a phone?! My parents won't even get me one, they say I can't have one until I can afford to pay the bill myself. Even though they won't let me take a paper-round, because it's not safe apparently. "How did you get this? Why did you get this?" I wasn't even sure I wanted to know. Justin is twelve, like me, he doesn't have a job, like me, and I've never met his Mum, but I assume she wouldn't buy phones for her sons friends.
"It was just an old one my Mum wasn't using anymore, and I got you it so I have a way to contact you. It's a long walk from my house to yours, and if you can't or don't want to come out then I have to walk all the way back. Much easier to just ring you." I didn't know what to say, but he was still beaming at me, his eyes twinkling after his good deed.

"Thank you!" I said after a while, and threw my arms around him. I've never hugged a boy before, except Lottie's brother and my Dad, but they don't count. It was weird and I wasn't sure how long I was supposed to hug him for. He didn't seem to mind, so it probably wasn't too long, but he didn't hug me back. Maybe he was as shocked as I was. After I pulled away, he said he'd send me a text later so I had his number, and then I'd have to send him one back so he had mine. ("If I could work out how". He actually said that!)

We had dinner with Lottie's parents and brother. I love her family, they're always so happy, and they were all extra nice to me and gave me extra dessert because of my parents. They let us sit at the breakfast bar instead of the dining table. I like sitting at the breakfast bar, I know it sounds weird, but it's fun! Maybe it's because it's high up? I don't know.

Ellis helped us set up Lottie's room for me to sleep, and he told me all about his holiday too. I know it was the same holiday, but Ellis and Lottie have very different ideas of fun, so I like hearing what they did from both sides.

After Ellis left us, I told Lottie about the phone. She was as shocked as I was, but gave me her number immediately so we could see if it worked. It did.
"What will you say to your parents?" She asked me after we'd stopped squealing about me sending my first text from my own phone.
"Oh, I dunno. I didn't think of that." I really hadn't. What if they would take it off me? "I guess I'll keep it a secret because they might not let me keep it." Lottie nodded.
"But what about the bill?"
"I don't know." I shrugged. "I'll have to ask Justin about it, I guess."

Time flew by, there was so much to talk about, and then at about nine Justin text.
Gess hu?  Was all it said. I'm not good at text speak, because I've never used it, but Lottie told me that it meant 'Guess who?'. I think I'll pick it up quickly, she said if there's something I don't understand then I should just say it out loud, because it will probably sound the same as the word it replaces.

 The boogeyman?  I sent back as a joke. Lottie and I had eaten a lot of sugary snacks by this point, and it seemed really funny. It isn't now I'm reading it back not-hyper.
Boo!  He replied, which sent us into fits of giggles, causing me to nearly fall off the bed, and making Lottie's Mum come in and tell us to start to wind down or we wouldn't sleep. She wasn't angry, she's never angry, but her bedroom is next to Lotties, and Ellis' is on the other side so we can't ever be too noisy when I sleep round.

We weren't tired, probably because of all the sugar, so we changed into our PJs and went downstairs to watch TV. If we're downstairs we can be noisier too, so it was better all round. We stayed up past midnight! We've never stayed up that late before! Justin stopped texting about half eleven, so that must've been when he went to sleep.

We didn't wake up until nearly midday, and so we had lunch for breakfast!

And then I spent the whole afternoon at the park with my two best friends. I wish summer holidays would last forever, we're nearly halfway through already, and I really don't want to go back to school.


  1. aww she's so cute. I can't wait to see what he says about the bill. At some point his mom's gonna notice that LOL.

    I'm glad she has her two besties for the summer. It's fun to see this from the kids POV their thoughts on how the world is, is always very different from the view of adults.

    Watching her age will be interesting to see her friendships with both grow over time. What will the teen years hold for them?

    1. Yes, that seems totally random, doesn't it! A twelve-year-old boy who you met two weeks ago giving you a phone... Whut?!
      But, yeah, that's a conversation that needs doing!

      It is different! It's fun to sit here and remember my own childhood and how I thought about different things. It will be fun to show her views change throughout puberty, too.

      Oh, you know, just the usual teen drama intensified for story-telling purposes >:) Hehe

      Thanks for reading :)

  2. That was really cute, Justin giving her a phone. But a little weird too. Like, yeah, who's going to pay that bill? I hope she doesn't get in trouble.
    And I worry about Justin, I feel like something bad must have happened to him or someone he knows in the past to make him so paranoid. But maybe April is right and it's just from growing up in the city.

    1. Yes, very weird! Lets just cross our fingers it's pay-as-you-go or something, then she can just put her pocket money on there.

      You're right about Justin. He's had a very unstable childhood so far, and that will all come out over time. No spoilers, sorry!
      The city obviously has something to do with it, you need to be more careful on city streets than you do in the countryside, and April has never had to worry about being kidnapped because there just aren't any people she doesn't know. Compared to Justin, she's lived a much more sheltered and friendly life so far, so she finds it easy to trust that the phone he's given her isn't as weird as it seems.

      Thanks for reading :)

  3. Okay. If it's his mom's old phone why is it still activated? But then, I've always been really suspicious of Justin. I'm sure he's just trying to be nice and be a friend, but still. He still gives me the willies somehow. And it's nice to see Lottie back so that April can have her first friend by her side to talk things over with. It was sweet to see thing giggling on the bed and having such a good time together.

    So, next chapter is up next week to make up for the wait for this one, right? ;)

    1. Ah! I wondered if anyone would notice that!! But as I said above, it could be pay-as-you-go. I know those are rare these days, but it only costs a couple of pounds for a PAYG SIM.
      Everyone's so suspicious of Justin! He's a 12-y-o boy, guys! What can he do? Haha!
      I guess I see where you're all coming from, though. He does seem a little creepy, but he's just being friendly, and wants to be able to keep in contact with April. As he said, he lives a long walk from her, so it'll save his legs from walking all that way just to walk back if she doesn't want to play.

      Yes, Lottie's back. We knew she'd come back at some point, she was only on holiday :p but I enjoyed showing how easy and fun their friendship is. Do you remember being 12, staying up late at sleepovers (midnight being a major achievement), giggling because of too much sugar... Writing this made me want to go back in time...

      Uh... :| I can try! I'll likely do this bi-weekly (that's every 2 weeks, not twice a week). I think that's an achievable goal. And then if I manage to do really well and get a backlog of chapters written and shot I'll post an extra one occasionally.

      Thanks for reading :)

  4. What a happy update!

    Justin was a little strange about the phone. I think he's worried about the dude from the beach, so in that respect, the phone is a good idea. Probably best he didn't tell April about his worries too if what I'm guessing is correct.

    Summer holidays are always over too fast.

    1. Oh, I forgot to say... I saw Quackers and I'm so tickled! :)

    2. Dude from the beach, eh? I'd not thought about him. Maybe that is part of the reason he gave her a phone. (Dude from the beach will come back into the story at some point. He does have a name. I can't remember it right now :|)
      I literally have no idea what you're guessing, so no idea if it's correct, sorry! :p

      I agree, fastest 6 weeks of the year!

      Hehe! He kept being just out of shot, and I started to wonder if you even believed me that I had him, so I shoved him right in the middle of a shot as proof ;)
      I have a few dotted around Aprils town, and one in the legacy town too.

  5. I wonder if Justin's Mom knows where her old phone went. Who will pay the bill? hahaha
    They had fun doing what kids do best - playing :)

    1. Hm. I still need to address that issue, don't I? ;) That will be revealed soon.
      Exactly! Kids need to have fun sometimes!


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