11 Mar 2013

Saturday, April 25th

Me, Mummy and Daddy went round Emily’s house today. Emily’s Mummy is Daddy’s sister, and we go round for dinner a few times a month. She's a really good cook, my Aunt Lynn. Better than my Mummy. She usually cooks spicy foods, but they're not bad spicy. She says they're traditional Carribean dishes. I played with Emily in her room before dinner was ready.

Her sister, Amelia, was playing music really loud through her headphones and Emily shouted at her. Amelia threw her headphones across the room, and told us she only had it loud because we were being loud. Emily threw the headphones back, and Amelia jumped off the bed.

Amelia started shouting and swearing, and I had a hard time remembering how nice she was to me on Tuesday. Amelia swears a lot, if I said any of the things she says then Daddy would be very angry, even though I've heard him say them before. Amelia and Emily don’t live with their Daddy. I don’t know why, and I feel bad asking.

Mummy and Daddy were really happy all day, they've hardly talked to each other all week, but they were just like normal again today. They were laughing and joking with Aunt Lynn and even Amelia started laughing at one time. Me and Emily didn’t get what they were laughing about, and we were talking about important things like what school was going to be like next week. We’ve got a new maths teacher and neither of us have had him yet. Emily said that Amelia had him on Friday but wouldn’t tell her what he was like. I hope he doesn’t make us do too much homework. Especially because I hate having to do homework at family times.

Aunt Lynn made pan fried salmon with butter sauce for dinner, and pudin de pan for dessert. I don't usually like fish, but the sauce was really good so it didn't taste too fishy, the sauce wasn't even that spicy, even though I saw the size of the pepper she put in it! Pudin de pan is chocolate bread pudding, and aunt Lynn says it's really simple. I've never tried making anything before, but I'm going to get her to teach me when I'm old enough to use the oven.

After dinner Amelia went out to the park with some friends. I don’t know why they all go to the park because they don’t do anything. They just stand around and talk. Sometimes they make lots of noise and in the summer when I sleep with my window open I can hear them if the breeze is blowing the right way. They don’t go to the main one by the school where me, Lottie and Emily go to play, they go to the one just up the dirt track from my house. There's nothing there but trees and benches, so it must be really boring! Just down the path from there is the beach, and there's a dance club on the beach too. You would think that's where teenagers would go, especially in the rain, but they all just hang around on the boardwalk instead.

Ok, that is finally all the intros done, and now we can get to the story...
Thanks for bearing with, guys :) I've got loads written, I just need to do the pictures, but I start a new job on Wednesday, so I don't know how often I'll post chapters, hopefully once a week, maybe more.


  1. I'm glad the parents are getting along gain. Unless that was just a show while they were out. I'll feel bad for April if they split up or anything.

    1. Yes, it would be awful if they split up.
      It could have been a show, but Lynn's house is most likely where he stayed when he was out all night before. Maybe it was for the kids' benefits? I dunno. Maybe they are just happy again.

      Thanks for reading :)

  2. I love how April is all confused by how Teenagers can be content to just sit and talk. lol. She'll get it one day.

    1. Lol, yeah, she'll get it :p
      I remember when I was little and used to go to the park to play on the swings I never understood why all the teenagers were just standing around when there was a whole park free! :p

  3. It was nice to see her Mom and Dad were smiling :)
    And she is so cute about the big kids in the empty park, in the rain too. *L*

    1. Unfortunately, they were putting on a front in public, but you know that now :(

      Hehe, I remember being a pre-teen and wondering why the older kids were always hanging outside, even in awful weather. :p I'm sure she'll do the same thing in a few years.


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