24 Mar 2013

Saturday, July 8th

The last day of term was a normal boring day at school. I came straight home from school, did my homework, watched some TV, and we had some dinner when Daddy got home. Watched a bit more TV then went to bed.

I woke up about half 11 when I heard something smash downstairs. I sat straight up in bed, thinking maybe there was a burglar or something.

Then I heard Daddy shouting.
“Why the fuck do you do this to me, Anna?” I could hear Mummy shouting something back, but she didn’t shout loud enough for me to hear.
“I keep trying, but it just won’t work if you can’t keep it in your pants!” Every hair on my body was standing on end, and I was shaking. I wanted to curl under my covers and hide, but I didn’t want them to keep fighting, so I got out of bed and quietly opened my door.

 I heard something else smash, and Mummy shouting.
“Jason! Stop it, you’ll wake April! Do you want her to see you like this?”
“I hope she does wake up, maybe she can see her mother for the whore she really is!” I started crying as I reached the top of the stairs. I wanted to turn back and pretend I’d slept through the whole thing, but I thought maybe if I went downstairs they’d stop fighting and we could be a happy family again.

 When I reached the bottom of the stairs, they hadn’t noticed I was there yet.
“What’s wrong?” I asked, in a small voice. There were bits of glass, it was probably cups I heard smashing, all over the floor. Even though I was really quiet, they saw me. Daddy was crying, and Mummy looked really angry, but her face softened when she saw me.
“April, honey, go back to bed, ok?” Mummy spoke really soft to me, like she does when I’m ill.
“No, wait there.” Daddy turned back to Mummy. “She’s not a little child anymore. She knows what’s going on here, and she deserves to be treated like the growing girl she is.” My heart started pounding through my chest as he walked over to me. Mummy looked angry again.

 “Daddy…” I was about to say it was ok and I’d go back to bed, I didn’t want to hear what I knew was coming. Daddy kneeled down and held me tight.
“April, baby, I love you. Mummy loves you. I want you to know that we both love you so much, and that will never change…” He trailed off, and I could see over his shoulder Mummy was crying now too. I felt sick. This wasn’t real. This was just some bad dream and I’d wake up in a minute. Mummy came over and crouched next to us.
The room was silent for a few moments, and I couldn’t take it.
“But…” I whispered. As a way of making him continue, but I didn’t want him to. I wanted him to just say ‘no buts, we just love you’.
“But Mummy and Daddy don’t love each other anymore.” Mummy said, finishing for him.

I couldn’t even cry. I could barely breathe. My whole world had turned upside down, and nothing could ever be the same again.
“Why?” I asked quietly. I didn’t even want to know, I just wanted us to stay this close forever, and the longer I could keep them talking, the longer we could be a family for. Daddy closed his eyes and sighed, and Mummy looked at him. Neither of them were crying anymore. I could feel tears on my face, but I don’t think I was crying.
“Sometimes.” Daddy stopped like he was thinking, and opened his eyes to stare straight into mine. “Sometimes grown-ups stop loving each other.” He looked like he wanted to say more, but didn’t know how. I tried to avoid the eye-contact, and for the first time looked properly round the room. Everything was out of place. The phone was in pieces on the floor, a chair was knocked over, plates and glasses shattered on the kitchen floor. How long had they been fighting? I hope Daddy wasn’t aiming any of that stuff at Mummy. I don’t really know what triggered it all, but I’ve only seen Daddy really mad once before, and that was when we went to a shopping centre in Bridgeport while we were staying with Gramma, and I wandered off. He said he wasn’t angry at me, he was just scared, but he looked like he wanted to punch me and kiss me at the same time.

I feel like I did then right now. I feel lost, like I can’t work out what to do or what to say. I can’t even tell if I’m awake, maybe this is all a dream? No, I wouldn’t be writing my diary in a dream, I’d almost forgotten about it, I only found it because I shut myself in my room to stay out the way, and saw it under my bed.

“Why?” I asked. I felt like that was all I could manage. Just the one word, and I remembered Mummy and Daddy laughing with me when we were looking at baby pictures of me, and they pointed out the ‘why?’ stage I went through. I’d just ask ‘why?’ to everything and anyone. Daddy sighed, sunk to the floor, and looked to Mummy. She looked down, away from him and me.

 “It’s hard to explain, April. You’ll understand better when you’re older. Right now, you need to get a good nights sleep. Everything will seem better in the morning.” Daddy looked a bit annoyed that he was having to do all the talking, and started wiping the tears from his eyes.
“Maybe you’ll love each other in the morning?” I suggested. I knew it wasn’t possible, that they’d thought this through for ages, but maybe if I mentioned it they’d try again.
“I’m sorry, baby…” I nodded, not needing him to finish his sentence, and excused myself. I got into bed, but I couldn’t sleep. I could hear them talking at the bottom of the stairs, and was glad they weren’t shouting, but I couldn’t make out what they were saying.

It’s the summer holidays now, and Lottie is away, she left yesterday. I must’ve fallen asleep eventually, and when I got up this morning, Mummy was still in bed. I don’t think Daddy was in. I’ve not seen him all day, I don’t know where he is. I poured myself some cereal, and put some cartoons on to try and drown out the screaming replaying in my head. I guess I had it on quite loud, because Mummy came down not long after.

 “Are you ok, Honey?” I ignored her. I’m so angry at them both right now, I don’t want to talk to either of them ever again. Of course, that isn’t really possible when I live with them, or, one of them, so I’ll just make it last as long as I can. “April?” I glared at her. “I’m sorry, Honey, you know we’ve not done this to hurt you, Mummy and Daddy haven’t been getting on well for a while now…” I glared at her again to get her to shut up. It worked, and she went to the bathroom. Probably to shower as the one upstairs is broken. I left before she came out, I couldn’t stand seeing her or seeing the state of the house, so I went to the park.

 I just wanted to be alone. I sat on a bench and started crying. I forgot I was in public, I guess everything from last night had fried my brain or something. I don’t know how long I was there for, I kinda lost myself in my thoughts until I heard a voice say:
“What’s wrong?” I jerked my head up. I hadn’t recognised the voice, and I didn’t recognise the boy standing in front of me either. I half remember seeing him on the swings when I first got to the park, but I wasn’t paying attention.

 “Nothing.” I replied, after I’d pulled myself together a bit. The boy just looked at me, like he was wondering what to say, and I tried to avoid looking at him. If you’ve ever had someone stare at you before, you’ll know what I mean when I say I felt uncomfortable. Eventually, he spoke again:
“Well, I’m here if you decide it’s something.” I just nodded, and he kept staring. “What’s your name? Mine’s Justin.”

 “April.” I replied, quietly. I wondered why I hadn’t seen him before, Winchester is a small town, and we don’t really get tourists, I didn’t feel like talking, so I didn’t ask.
“Well, hi April. I’m new here, maybe you could be my friend? Show me around?”
“Ok.” I replied, happy he’d answered my unasked question. He continued standing there, looking at me, until I got too uncomfortable and got up to leave.

 “Wait, don’t go yet!” I spun around, I’d started to walk off. “If we’re going to be friends, shouldn’t you give me your number?”
“I don’t have a number.” I replied, truthfully. “The house phone is broken, and I don’t have my own phone yet.”
“Oh…” He looked thoughtful a moment. “Well, where do you live? I’ll come call on you sometime?”
“2B Pier Walk. It’s just over the hill from the club on the beach, near the picnic area.”
“I don’t know where that is…” He smiled. “But I’ll work it out, don’t worry. See you later, April.”

I walked home slowly. I checked behind me to see if Justin was following me, but he wasn’t. I half hoped he was, maybe he could have given me an excuse to not go home. I dreaded going home, and seeing the mess everywhere. Seeing Mummy sad, and knowing Daddy wouldn’t be coming home from work. I don’t understand how two people who have been together for so long, can end so quickly. I knew they were arguing, but I didn’t ever imagine it would end up like this. Everyone argues.

When I got home, Mummy was cleaning the kitchen. She didn’t look that upset, and smiled at me when I walked in. I went straight to my room, and tried to find something to do. I wondered if Emily would be home, but I didn’t feel like talking to her if she was anyway. She’s never had her Daddy around, so I don’t think she’d understand. I need Lottie. Why did she have to go away just as all this happened?

And Daddy, if you ever read this, you’re not allowed to tell me off for swearing in here.


  1. Aw, poor April. I remember when my parents had that talk with me. That's always so rough...
    April's new friend Justin seems like a nice kid. Nothing can really fix what's going on her life right now, but having friends is always helpful. It's too bad Lotte isn't around for her to talk to.

    1. Aw, I'm sorry, that must be hard, I hope it wasn't as violent as this was. I'm lucky, my parents have been married 25 years next week!

      Yes, it's unfortunate that all this kicked off just as she left, so now April have two weeks without her best friend. Hopefully this Justin boy will be some help, he seemed friendly enough, right? Hopefully she'll make a new friend. :)

    2. Oh, no, my parents' divorce was actually really amicable, especially compared to some of my friends' parents, who dragged their kids into nasty custody battles and used their kids as weapons against each other.
      But, I totally related to April when her parents were telling how they loved her but not each other...I just relived the day my parents told me. Same speech and everything, they try to soften the blow, but it just crushes you.
      So I just really feel for April, I know how hard it is.

    3. I was about to say 'I'm glad', but then thought that might sound like I was glad your parents divorced :|
      Not what I mean. I meant I'm glad it was amicable, and they didn't drag you through a custody battle.
      I'm not going to do the whole custody battle thing, it would just be mean.

      I can understand being crushed. Although my parents didn't divorce, my gran died when I was about 4, and my grandfather remarried when I was 10. I was so angry at him because it felt like he didn't love my granny anymore :(
      But, to this day, he still wears the wedding ring from his marriage to her next to the one for his current marriage, totally off topic, but sweet :)

  2. I can haz video player plz?

    Oof! Rough chapter for poor April! That's always tough. And I loved how even she was acting angry without really knowing why she was being angry, too. Such a hard situation to be in.
    Hmmm... Justin is interesting. I'm getting weird vibes though. I dunno. We'll see if I like him once we know him more. Hopefully April's BFF gets back soon.

    Oh, and I love the message to her Daddy at the end. Sweet.

    1. Video player...? :| Wut?!

      I know :( This was the main reason I started in her childhood, but there's a few other things happening too.
      As I've never been in this situation (luckily) I was just thinkinh 'how would I feel if...' and my answer was angry. Lol, my answer is angry to a lot of things :p
      Lol! Weird vibes, he's a 12 year old boy! He's probably got cooties or something :p
      Lottie is away for two weeks, and she only left 'yesterday', so she has a while yet, unfortunately.

      Yes, she felt she had to say that, she was only reporting what he said, but he doesn't like her swearing :p

    2. At the top of the post is a video player without a video loaded. For me at least. Maybe all that tweaking I'm doing to my blog in the background has caused a blogger glitch for me. lol. That would be my luck!
      Yo. I'm 27(HAhahahaha!) and my Daddy still doesn't like it when I cuss in front of him. Though he's finally starting to think it's funny when I cuss *with* him.

    3. Oh. I just checked on my tablet and it's there on that, but not my laptop! :| weird, I dunno what that's all about, I'll go see if I can get rid of it in a sec.

      I'd never swear infront of my parents. They'd kill me! O.O
      (What's worse? Swearing or murder?)

    4. It's gone now. Blogger's just trying to mess wtih us. O_o.
      I'm not sure. I think from a parents point of view, swearing. I'd just not believe the murder bit. lol "Murder? Naw! Not my sweet little angels. He said *What* after he did it??? Oh, *Now* he's in trouble." ;)

    5. Yeah, it was gone on the tablet after I checked the post in edit mode. There was nothing there. There were 3 blank lines (as in, I'd for some reason hit 'enter' three times before typing) and when I deleted them it went :| Weird....

      LOL! Ok, I'll bear that in mind when I next feel like killing. As long as I don't swear, it's fine :p

  3. Oh wow. Poor April.

    So her mother cheated on her father? Then Daddy left. Why is it that daddies leave and mommies stay? I don't know, I think I'd be more angry at mum.

    And her friend isn't around. I hope this isn't the beginning of the end of their friendship, but maybe I'm being fatalistic.

    Justin is a little cutie. That must've taken guts to walk up to a crying girl like that and try to make friends. I hope we see more of him in the future!

    1. I know :(

      Yes, it would seem that way. It is odd that Daddy left, but then his sister lives across the street, and the only place Annabelle (Mummy) would go would be into *his* arms, and I doubt he wanted that. Technically, it's his house, too. So who knows what will happen about custody? Jason (Daddy) will get the house in the divorce, if he wants it, and then Annabelle will be homeless. She obviously doesn't have her parents in her life, so she has nowhere to go, meaning April would live with Jason in that house. Phew, I couldn't put that in the story, obviously, but all this stuff is going on in the background and I had to tell someone! :p
      But yes, I'd be more angry at Mum, but April doesn't really know what's happened. She know's what a whore is, but she doesn't know the phrase 'keep it in your pants', and so isn't 100% what's going on. She'll find out.

      You really don't like Lottie, do you? Lol, I swear it was you who said their friendship wouldn't last in the first chapter!

      He is, bless him. Especially if you're new to town and know nobody! I suppose you have to make friends somehow, though.
      Oh, you'll see more of him. A lot more ;)

  4. aww that was sad. It's terrible she had to witness/hear her parents fighting like that. I don't think daddy is coming home. :( And from the sound of the fight it seems like mom has been stepping out on him.

    I like April she's a cute girl. I wish her friend wasn't gone but Justin seems like he might make a good new friend.

    1. Yes, I'm lucky enough to never have had to see my parents fight like that, and I can't imagine what it would feel like!

      It's lucky Justin was in that park, because with Lottie on holiday, April is pretty lonely!
      Thanks for reading! :)

  5. awww poor baby... I hope those words she overheard don't have a lasting affect on her... never know what will with kids... I wonder what happened that deserved that nasty statement by her dad to her mom.
    Maybe she has a new friend she can confide in. :)

    1. Yeah, poor baby :( Unfortunately, this kind of thing happens a lot.
      We will find out what warrented those comments... At some point...
      Hopefully those words won't scar her, but she'll definately remember them for a while! On the bright side, she can get a good nights sleep without the arguing.

      She definately has a new friend :) Now she has three besties! Lucky girl.


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