3 Mar 2013

Tuesday, April 21st

Mummy and Daddy argued a lot last night. I could hear them in the kitchen after I went to bed, but I couldn’t work out what they were saying.

I don’t think they knew I could hear, but it’s a small house and I can hear most things in the house from my room.

It was a hot night, even though it poured with rain, so I curled up on top of my covers and tried to block it out.

I think Daddy must’ve got angry, because I heard lots of swears, and the front door slam. I didn't hear Mummy come up to bed, so I must've fallen asleep before she did.

He wasn’t here when I woke up this morning. I've heard them arguing before, and heard him walk out, but he's always been home before I woke up. Mummy said he went to work early, and he’d be home for dinner as normal. I didn't believe her, I know he stayed out all night, and I don't understand why she couldn't just tell me that. I'm a big girl now, and I know they argue, but I also know they love each other and Daddy will always come back.

Me and Lottie went to the park after school. Dahlia was on the swings though, so we played on the slide. Dahlia doesn’t like us either, if it wasn’t for Emily we’d have nothing to do with each other.

Some other kids came to the park, and they wanted to go on the slide. We didn't want to play with them, so we went over to the climbing frame instead. Lottie told me that she’s going on holiday to Shang Simla in the summer! I’ve never been to another country, Lottie and her family go away every year, and she always brings me back something cool. They’re going to be gone for two weeks and I’ll really miss her, but Emily won’t go away anyway so hopefully she can play with me. Lottie asked if I would be ok, and I told her that I could play with Emily, but I didn't notice Dahlia had stopped swinging and was listening to us.

"You can't play with Emily when Charlotte is away, because I'll make sure she has plenty more fun things to do with me. She shouldn't be playing with her cousin anyway. Family can't be your friends too." Dahlia can be so mean. She always acts nice when Emily is around, and I don't have the heart to tell her that her best friend is such a bully. I looked at Lottie and she looked as uncomfortable as I felt. I was about to invite her back to my house so we could have an excuse to get out of there, when Emily's sister, Amelia appeared out of nowhere.

 "Sorry, Dahlia. I think my baby cousin can play with my sister if she wants to." Dahlia rolled her eyes. I guess Amelia doesn't like Dahlia as much as the other way around. I don't think Amelia likes anybody she doesn't have to. Dahlia has a sister Amelia's age, Kaitlyn. I know I've heard Aunt Lynn shout at Amelia for being sent home from school for fighting with her. I wonder if Kaitlyn is as annoying as Dahlia?

Dahlia let out a huff, and looked like she was about to say something to Amelia. She's brave, I'd never dare to answer back to Amelia if she shouted at me!
"You'd best get home, Dahlia, don't you think? Don't want Mummy to shout at you, do you? And can you imagine if someone was to 'accidentally' push you into the mud and ruin your pretty clothes?"
"Whatever, Amelia. At least I don't look like death. You might think you look cool, but you just look depressing." I couldn't believe Dahlia would answer her back like that, I guess she wasn't raised to respect her elders like I was.
"Whatever, Barbie." Amelia was actually smiling! I hardly ever see Amelia smile since she started high school. "Go on squirt" She said to me, "You get yourself home too." I smiled a thank you to her, and me and Lottie walked out of the park. At the end of the road, Lottie has to turn another way, so we said goodbye and went our separate ways.

Daddy was home annd dinner was ready when I got home, but something didn’t seem right. They didn't speak to each other, and they still looked really angry. I didn't say anything either. I didn't know if I was supposed to because usually one of them will ask me about my day, but they didn't.

After dinner, I asked Daddy what was wrong, but he wouldn’t tell me and just said that he was tired. They’re always tired. That’s what I don’t look forward to about growing up, everyone always seems to be tired. Maybe because my Daddy has to work so hard at the farm? In the winter he was complaining that he couldn’t do much because the snow got so bad this year, but the other night he was complaining that there was too much to do before summer. We don’t normally get much snow because it’s quite warm where we live, but Daddy said that we got more snow than Bridgeport this year!

We go to Bridgeport every year. My Gramma lives there. I've never met my Mummy's parents. Mummy always said they didn't agree with her life choices, and Daddy always pulls a face when Mummy mentions them, I assume it has something to do with him. His Dad, my Grandad, died when I was 5 so I don't remember him well. So, my Gramma, his Mum, lives in Bridgeport and we visit her every year for Christmas. I love going to her house, because me and Emily get to share a room and it's like having a sleepover for days! And because it's Christmas it makes it feel even more special! Especially when it's snowing.

Is the font ok? I thought it would be, but if it's too hard to read let me know and I'll change it Thought it'd be nice to have it looking like handwriting.


  1. Font's great. It feels like a diary. :)

    Wow. That was some nasty fight. I wonder what it was about, but obviously, since April doesn't know, neither do we. :/

    Interesting about her mom's parents not agreeing with her 'life choices'. Some people are so close-minded. Yeah, I think I'd wear a nasty expression too.

    I like that Amelia put Dahlia in her place. (I hope I didn't screw up the names!) That was funny, especially how April was so surprised about the whole thing. :)

    1. Glad the font is ok :) It started to make my eyes hurt when I was checking it looked ok in 'preview', maybe I was just tired?

      Yeah, I don't even know what the fight was about, so no chance of you finding out! Lol, it's fun being able to put fights in and not worry about thinking up a reason or the words or anything! Well, 'fun' isn't the right word... It makes it easier.

      Yeah, I thought I'd hint at that now, as it might come up in another 10 years or so. Obviously, she'll probably mention them again nearer the time if it does come up, but I needed her to explain why she had only one grandparent.

      You didn't screw up the names :) I think because Amelia has this tough 'bad girl' image, and fights with her little sister who April gets on with well, she assumed Amelia hated her. Dahlia is just a bitch really. She has reasons behind it, but you won't find out until April does, sorry :p

      Thanks for reading :)

  2. I ove thatwe can only see things through April's eyes, like her parents' fight, and we can oly gues what it's about.
    Dahlia is such a nasty little thing! I love Amelia though. She's awesome.

    I like thefont, too. It's very fitting for a diary.

    1. Hehe, it makes it easier, only having to think of one persons side of the story :) Lazy way out haha

      I love Amelia too! I spent ages dressing her and she won't even be in it that much :p I even downloaded some clothes especially for her when she's older lol! But yeah, Dahlia is a bitch, and she needs to keep her nose out of other peoples business.

      Yes, I thought the font fit the format because it looks a bit like handwriting. (Not mine, mine's awful!)

      Thanks for reading :)

  3. Hmmm, Dahlia needs an attitude adjustment. A little over reaction from her on her friend playing with her cousin. I sense a bit of jealousy there as well.
    Loved Amelia! Awesome outfit for her also.
    Hopefully mommy and daddy will be okay soon.

    1. Yes, Dahlia is a little spoiled. She doesn't have an easy home-life, either, which just makes for a total bitch. Not really her fault, but she just can't seem to sympathise with others, and doesn't understand why anyone would like anyone she doesn't like (if that made sense?)
      I love Amelia too! She makes me want to change the entire story just so she can be in it more :p
      Well, I kinda did. She was supposed to be introduced next chapter, but she wandered into the park while I was doing the park scene, and I figured 'why not?' You see a nicer side of her here than you do next chapter anyway.
      I hope so too!

      Thanks for reading :)

  4. Poor little girl. I have a feeling her parents are splitting up maybe... Makes you wonder which is better, fight and the kids always know, or move on :( Hopefully I am over thinking.

    Seems that she will have some trouble with the spoiled rich girl later on. I hope her friends stay true to her.

    1. I have a feeling you might be right...
      In my opinion, kids know more than we think, so if you can't stop arguing it's best to move on. At least that way your kids can see you happy, even if they do have to split their time.

      Dahlia isn't actually rich. She is spoiled, and likes to pretend her parents are richer than everyone elses (we've all met someone like that). We'll see what happens later, but she shouldn't be too much trouble, I don't think.

      Thank you for reading! :)


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